Michael & Chelsi

An unspectacularly normal couple living small in three untraditional places. You might call this a “minimalist blog”, a “lifestyle blog”, or “some hippy thing”. We, the aforementioned couple, regard it as none of the above. I guess we’re just two American kids doing the best they can; hmm… don’t quote me on that, I think John Mellencamp said it first. Anyway, with incredibly good people in our lives, a strong intention to be mindful citizens of the earth, four wildly unique seasons to work with, water, woods, and strong coffee, we welcome you aboard (pun intended). To The Northern Post, an off grid cabin built by us in Minnesota’s north woods to Neighbor Girl, our floating home in a quirky marina in the heart of Saint Paul to The Wheel House, our next floating project on an island in the backwaters of the Mississippi, we bring you stories, projects, and laughs from our strange little life on water and woods.